License Number

C HC 433506


Our Philosophy

We believe that the first years of life are extremely important in influencing the child. The Center will dedicate its efforts to providing a happy, healthful environment to nurture the intellectual, physical and emotional growth of the children in our care. Our philosophy promotes understanding of the child’s need to examine their environment, to be able to deal effectively with all kinds of people and situations, and to handle and use their own feelings. We are aware that children need to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, to be self-confident, and to have a well developed self-esteem. We know that the experiences we provide, the attitudes we show, the behavior models we expect them to copy, all influence their development.

Intellectually, our program and materials provide a solid foundation for the student. Goals for our children include: developing skills for creative thinking, making wise choices, arriving at workable solutions, living with responsibility, and developing a sense of humor.

Physical education is an integral part of our program and very important for young children. It is important to help each child develop a strong healthy body and an informed attitude toward the care of his body. An appropriate level of fitness can lead to a more confident outlook, emotional stability and better mental health in general.

We recognize the importance of the teacher’s role in the classroom. Training, natural abilities and personality are crucial in setting the stage for learning. By the experiences that the teacher makes possible for the children, and by her knowledge of child development, she will be able to turn the classroom into a mini lab of structured centers, where children can “discover” for themselves the real world. A teacher, having a soft voice, being an enthusiastic listener in a creative classroom, can inspire a child. We believe our teachers are an excellent resource for answering age appropriate questions for the client.

At Backyard Bears, professional growth of our staff is assured by workshops, annual revisions of the curriculum, researching new ideas and materials, as well as the spirit of coordination and guidance that prevails throughout the school. As owners, it is our job to promote staff team work, leadership, safety, and a positive attitude which are character strengths recognized by children attending our schools.