Waddlers and Sugar Bears (1-2 Years)

Here children will find many choices. Our toddler curriculum focuses on health, safety, positive, interaction, frequent and appropriate language and respect for every child and their unique qualities and creativity.


Honey Bears (3 – 4 years)

Our Honey Bears classrooms focus on health and safety in group care. Our curriculum highlights: literacy, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, movement social, emotional development, and character building techniques. With patience and direction this is a time to work on self esteem, social skills and enjoying much fun with hands on activities.


Blooming Bears (4 – 5 Years)

In our Pre-K 4 classrooms there is emphasis on language development, Early literacy, Math, Analytical thinking and Social studies. Our curriculum also focuses on Fine Arts, Health and safety, Personal, Social and Physical Development.


Cub House (school Age)

School age students are offered a comfortable area for homework time, outdoor play, organized sports and table games as well as other interest centers such as Arts, and Crafts, Science, Blocks and Construction. Children have various areas to spend time bonding with friends or time alone, reading or reflecting.


Outside Areas

Our outdoor play areas are sub-divided into Toddlers, Pre-School and School Age spaces. Dividing the playground space ensures safe and age appropriate play. Our playgrounds are secure with 6 ft high fencing. Examples of outdoor activities that are available daily include swings, climbing activities, slides, tricycle paths, outdoor tables, and water tables. Children’s have large spaces giving opportunities for running, playing ball and participating in group sports. Classroom activities such as music and movement, painting, arts and crafts are frequently done outside under the trees and canopies taking advantage of our wonderful outside environment!